June 30, 2011

Rain - Wind

My heart was hung out in the rain
Pull it in!  I cried.  Pull it in!
It vanished like frost on a window pane
Too late, too late, simply too late
Too long in the rain! I cried
It melted like frosting on a cake

The wind blows harsh currents across the seas, oceans turn, twist, rise, move to the swell of surface white caps, secretly placing shiny crystals upon these lips, as they tell you their secrets. Are you listening to the wind, is your ear close by?

Do you taste the savory, do you feel the bite upon your skin, all the while wind batters your side, telling you, whispering to you, saying to you, don’t cry?

“You don’t have to understand”, it speaks in a low, tremulous voice. 

“She doesn’t know how to die”
the voice is heard over the wind, in a sigh
“I’m here to make it clear “
the wind murmurs in her ear

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