June 18, 2011

The Kiss


The train tracks shimmer in the afternoon sun, stretching long lengths of steel into the distance of the sun scorched day. 

I listen, I wait, I sway.

One o’clock, one-fifteen, one-thirty, it's a lifetime.  You will be here, I know.  I will not cry. 

You’re due at one-forty five. 

From this barren earth, eyes cover in mist.  I listen, as my heart pounds a beat.

I watch vibrating waves of heat.

Is it the sun reflecting the wet of my eyes? Then a glimmer, a glisten, something moves towards me.

I cannot see.

The gate starts its downward motion, the bell rings its toll, and I wait to hear the rumble as it nears.

I feel my fears
seeing through my tears
too many years

I step onto the tracks
we kiss our fate

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