February 23, 2017


The wind whistled the rain to come down, and down came the rain. the rain, the rain, the rain... drops drops drops, down came the rain
Wind changed its tune, drafting chunks of mud and grit to play the game of wintry storm, then down and down and down the thunder fought the wind in the trees, then up rose the branches fighting back and back and back
The night wrestled with the moon, hide your face dear, hide your face, don’t come out tonight
The rain came down and down until the drops flooded the fields, the valleys, rivers flowing wild and free, over banks to shore.
The flow, no walls to hold back the torrents of unchained rage, and up and up and up rose the rivers, up and up and up cascading the foaming, brackish mud from beneath the walls, caving and tumbling rocks free of rooted trees, all coming down and down and down...Hide the moon, clouds of leaden darkness...
Camouflage the face and soak the spongy earth behind your winds, you shadowed tormentor
Suck the earth, damn you! Vent your anger, damn you! Go on and on to helpless occupants, innocent bystanders, never to know, go on and on until you've moved the earth.
The earth moves, slips and slides, pushed with might, water laden grasses and trees, and solid rock walls, move away, stay clear, don’t get in front or you will be knocked to your knees.

Mowed down and down, down to the ground, the earth is moved, a fast moving current grips the land, tugging the hold, the solid hold, forgotten and gone, as the rains come down, as the wind lifts up, bodies, spirits, up up up into the sky, carried away, away, away, remembered is all, remembered, for what was left behind.

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