January 2, 2017

A Rambling Rose in a Garden of Thorns

The sun was short lived today...nice while it lasted, because showers are coming back tonight through tomorrow. Looks like the Rose Parade may be hit with a little precipitation! Never good news!
A day in January, one comes to find a twist, a turn to the mind as it slips over the cobblestones of life.  Some good days, some bad nights, and you flip that around and you find a mashup by John Seed.

Watching football...what is it with players who are so self-congratulatory, that they have to throw their arrogant attitude in the other player's face?

Gwen Ifill is still being thought of...and tears still come to my eyes when I hear her name or see her face...I miss her every day, the NewsHour feels empty without her.

The Dance---Mind numbing music vibrates, skaters sway, flying and cutting through crystalline surface of snow laden ice, to be swept away.  Snowflakes twirling, tumbling in mid-air dancers stumble, then caught by a cold breeze, down and down, falling without a care and yelling in their high pitched cries through the night, bleared eyed, lost in each other's arms in love, not in fear nor of fright.

I miss building a snowman...cold icy fingers defrosting by the fire, while Frosty loves cold and enjoys his cloudy breath in the evening landscape of icicle laden houses.
So…. you Wanna Build a Snowman?
I'm going into a semi sleep...and see what comes to mind...besides a snowman.

The soon to be President is nothing but a sleazy pimp...pimping himself is his job....Those of you who voted for him....how does it feel to have sold your soul to a pimp?  Trump tweets, and I post to you about his childish and ridiculous mentality.

"The man who is about to become President of the United States continues to exhibit a mean-spirited, thin-skinned, narcissistic and vindictive character." (Robert Reich)

"Trump campaigned as a successful businessman. Rubbish. He’s a conman who created nothing but a brand name built on self-promotion. Now he’s monetizing the same brand with the presidency attached to it. The sleaze has just begun." (Robert Reich)

Heating pad...eat...meds...nap…
What a miserable, leaky, dreary day!
11:30 a.m...Time to take the heating pad off, get up and get dressed!

Interesting perspectives and final decisions, the pros and cons of performing at the Presidential Inauguration by a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Everyone makes their own choices, for whatever their reasons...The choice to sing was left up to each Choir member, but to quit the choir for moral reasons, this member took it one step further.

I hear the trash truck...I wonder if I'll lose my container in the truck today!
I woke at 8, turned on Meet the Press to listen to a boring discussion on the news media VS Trump. I promptly fell back to sleep. On this note, on this New Day, New Year, I think this is a precursor to the coming controversial years with Trump as President.

Where Does The Time Go?
2017 Hello!
Where does the time go, that’s a saying put to a question.  No longer a present, no longer the future, no longer the past, it goes, it slugs along, it races to the fence, it doesn’t last. Where does the time go? It’s fleeting, it flies to drift along on a breeze, and wishing time was a kite, to be guided, to be pulled into the wind before the fall. Rescuing the innocent spaces, briefly consoling and cajoling the humor through it all. Where does the time go, when all else fails before it slips through your fingers tugging away and pulling like you have an illusive eel in your grasp!  Before losing your grip you grab the tail and heave a longing gasp!

Wed. is golf...partial sun...pray for no rain.

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