June 16, 2016

The Last Dance

For everyone...listen, learn, and most of all love.

My heart breaks in a million pieces at this theft; souls ripped away, the night of happiness stilled, no breath is left.
     A night of joy, of music and friendships all around; a night of dance and laughter, a beautiful sound. The onenote, a single note stopped us still; the sound of gunfire, the music stopped, the riotous terror, innocence, swallowing a bitter pill.
     My voice, his voice, her voice, the voices rang out in cries, shouts, the sobs of terror throughout. Seconds, minutes, hours pass, where is the help to come, to take us away; the help to stop the flow of blood, the horror, the cries? A terrifying darkness covers these eyes.
     Break away these guns from the hands of sickness, take them to their graveyards and destroy the iron grip they have on the insane. Break the bullets once, twice, a zillion times; destroy the ammunition which destroys lives.
     Listen to the voices of reason, listen to the voices of the living and now the dead. Don't stand still, don’t waste another minute, time runs out; don’t ignore the past, the present or the future; our lives and the lives of our children are precious, more precious than the hardened blue steel that represents selfishness, and ignorance to the truths of trust, caring, kindness and love.

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