December 15, 2015

Nature Smiles

The triangular joints meet, clasp and hug within the barrenness of landscapes, beckoning nearer what is left of color; the lost leaves, the dead and the dying where nature’s goldens and reds were once full of green.

Colors change over time, the naked limbs grow stronger in these cold months when humans go inside to stave off the chill of day’s sun, boarding up against winter's snow; the tree’s roots dig deeper into the life giving soil, the richness feeds and gives nourishment, strengthening limbs in time to grow and spread, sprouting the buds to bloom in Spring anew.  

We sadden at the sight of the lonely, disparaging limbs, where once we gloried in the splendor it threw our way, beautifying, electrifying our vision, while knowing this current view would come back before our eyes ...we hold onto the memories of what once was, and knowing will come again to brighten our summer months, to shade us from heat of the sun, to blanket us as sleep takes hold.  

As the last leaf flies about and suddenly drops in a breeze, a carpet warms the life giving feet of these limbs for another new season to come; Fall captures us with imagination through memories, and we smile, only a temporary sad smile, to give thanks for the nourishment, passing on this future to nature’s beautiful smile.    

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