May 10, 2015

The Little Girl Loved

Photograph by Kathleen S. Shattuck

The Little girl cried, the shell was gone and she sobbed, knowing her life was taken away at that moment.  She walked to the edge of the surf, the bubbles tickled her toes but she no longer giggled, she no longer laughed, she no longer thought about today or tomorrow, because today was gone, and tomorrow did not exist.

Love was a memory, a story, a rhyme, a fairy tale; love lingered and was lost; love grabbed at her heart and was tossed, tossed into the ocean to swim with the fish, then taken into the deep with the shells.

The little girl remembered, remembered once upon a time, a time when she was lost in a cave, when she was swimming in the river, when she made friends with the Wombat, the Bird and the Frog, when she had a family.  

The little girl stepped into the waves and was swept back in time; remembering the times when she was loved, and she loved.  The shell took it all away from her, she loved it the most, and now it was gone.

A heart is but a fragile thing, it lingers and waits
The sea is but a tormentor, it rolls in on the tide, and takes
The little girl gave her heart a chance to love, she gave it away
a heart that waited and lingered, but all too long that day

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