December 19, 2014


Insistence of Age   
You turn my heart upside down, you turn my mind inside out, you twist me in knots; night after night until loneliness is all I've got; hammering these nights with dreaded thoughts. 

You threw away the key, no entrance, no admittance, to leave me with hopelessness in my desire; in a room all alone and away from you, high you stand on a pinnacle, a spire. 

I write until my heart bleeds out the words, soaking the page with sorrow; can’t go back, don’t look back, no sunrise in sight, not even a tomorrow.  The needle enters, striking the vein

Through the Gauze of Time    
Wrinkled and weathered
old age, the gauze of time
the mirror reflects

I smile, we are old
you throw back your head and laugh
I kiss your soft lips

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