April 26, 2014

A Note

Listening to the wind tonight, my heart reminds me of how it loved to sing to you, I can smile at the memory of little soft notes carried on a breeze, I can hear it in your voice, remembering; yet, without warning, you spin me inside out with torrents of pounding bassdrums - recalling more thoughts of you tonight, making me hurt - a forceful wind, buffeting my senses, a never ending force from which you come and turn me around to face my muse, my tiger, my nemesis,  from whom I am falling, falling, falling from grace.  You toss me away, you catapult me into the clouds of turbulence; disoriented, I fly with nothing to grasp - a hand is all I ask, just a hand. Listening for my love, a sweet note of music is all I ask. 


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