September 8, 2013

The World at War - Survivors, another name for Hell (unedited)

 Hear me! 

Eyes avert
Down, around
Through curtains

The world shouts

A hush falls
Troops led
I hear you now
Is said

Bombs drop
Blood runs
Torrential rains

Shrouded forms
Shrugged away
Shattered lives

Fuck you!
You’ll pay
Don’t stay!

Blocked views
Feigned desires
Severed bonds
Who’s to blame?

Party’s over
New day
Bonds to sell
Into dreams

She shook her fist in the eyes of the enemy and yelled, FIGHT!
She held her hand up and whispered, stop.

She walked; she marched, for miles and miles
Across desert, a hard pan earth

Through sand, and rocks, and storms that followed
Through cold, through sun scorching heat, until she could go no more

Gather around, she said to her children
For this is your home, this is your life, for the rest of our lives.

The enemy surrounds us, but holds its tongue on the edge of war
It waits, it watches, for the right time, for the next time, for the only time

Claiming our land, a sparse piece of dirt we called home
We can rest, now; gather our strength for the next flight

We call this living
We take a breath, for the next fight

We call this surviving
Because we know there will be a next fight

And a next
And a next

Lay down your sack
Lay down your head

Just a sip of water
They are sure to come back

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