January 27, 2013

Our Town

Picture of Florida Ave @ State St. looking east 
1914 posted in the Hemet, CA gallery

It was your town - it was my town - it was our town

The years have passed; I look back on my town.
It was a cozy small town I knew, a town I loved.
Where neighbor knew neighbor, where friends walked together.

The quaint old homes look downtrodden, now; the yards where children once played and laughed, vacant and unkempt.
Decaying wood frames, ruin ignites like kindled flames.

Crime overrides to harm the city's calm, punishing people who want law-abiding peace.  City parks play to the homeless and lonely.
Uncaring feet, tread the city street

The elm, the oak, the maple
Remain the same
Only colors change with seasons
Giving unexplainable reasons

Hear our town – silence pervades
A breeze sneaks in - clouds roll by
Taking away dust, dirt and grime
Nothing to show, just our lonely town in time

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