November 14, 2012

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I’ve come to the conclusion, or so I think it’s a conclusion, that friends can come and go like the wind, and heaven knows I’ve written enough about the wind this past year, to make this point clear.  It isn’t always nice.  I was going to talk about love, but I’ve also worn THAT subject out.

If you want to know who this hateful person is, never shying away from the human condition (whatever that is), who writes in metaphor, you need to learn to read between lines.  But I’ll save you the trouble - I lost one of my dearest friends because of my metaphorical writing. 

Was I too straight forward, too honest, to be believed or not, as I encompassed many people in that big lump of metaphorical dialogue?  How many read my blogs?  I doubt a whole lot, but this one person happened to that day; and the next day I had a change of heart, and removed it, dumping it into the trash, unknowingly along with our friendship.

Understanding metaphor is to understand a conundrum; puzzle pieces of minute intrigue.  My words can be harsh; seemingly uncaring in the lack of compassion, while getting across my inner-most feelings through this type of writing.  I don’t write compassionate metaphor, I aim for the gut, and most often than not, it’s my gut that is hit and splayed for viewer consumption.  Mincing words is just not my idea of honesty.

But, we all have our comparative notes on what honesty means, as we watched the candidates debate for high offices in government, sliding right through one big commandment, and into the valley of the Kingdom of Lying-Hoodwinked.  And, they honestly believed all those words they spewed to the American public.

Enough about friends, truth, lying, metaphor, and Hoodwinkleddom, it just means that the human condition isn’t always what we think it is, or should be.

  Honesty is put in the pockets of many, pockets with holes....falling to the ground, stepping over, on, or around, but none-the-less falling; falling out of sight - out of sight, out of mind.....falling as you win some, and falling as you reluctantly lose some.

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