February 29, 2012

The Scent of Spring

Is it the wild meadow grass after a rain
Is it the sun’s warming light, or melting snow
 Or stark terrain

Is it February longing to sing
Buds waiting to open
Birds on the wing

Flowers and rain, or warm air lifting
Or softness of night
A natures gifting

Maybe a hum to a prairie’s reverie
A breeze on a sail
A nest in a tree

An awakening step across the lawn
A nudge to a leaf
And then Earth yawned

Earth did say,I smell spring in the air”.
I wondered if this was just a crazy wild hair
I lifted my chin, closed my eyes and took a whiff
I’m not sure what I smelled, with that little old sniff
So, I took a deep breath, inhaled through my nose
But started to sneeze, and the smell curled my toes
Was this Spring I did smell?
I just couldn’t tell
Or was it the neighbor’s cow
Pooping at the plow

1 comment:

  1. Talk about inspired, Kathy - I'll never think of the scent of spring the same way again!